EE/CD SIG 2018-2019 Executive Board Nominations


Nominations are now open for five positions on the Executive Board of AERA’s Early Education and Child Development SIG.  Established to facilitate the formation and exchange of research of an intra- or cross-divisional nature, the EE-CD SIG offers significant support to and recognition of members of the early childhood research community.

All positions will be assumed at the conclusion of the 2018 Business Meeting.  Self-nominations are accepted.  The major assignment of each position is noted below.  Further details can be found in the SIG’s by-laws, which can be found on the website (

  1. Graduate Student Rep - One Year
    • Special projects
  2. Senior Member-at-Large - Two Years
    • Year 1: Early Career Research Award
    • Year 2: Board nominations
  3. Junior Member-at-Large - Two Years
    • Year 1: Dissertation Award
    • Year 2: Travel Award
  4. Secretary/Treasurer - Two Years
    • Year 1: Managing and reporting financial accounts
    • Year 2: Managing and reporting financial accounts
  5. Chair-Elect - Two years followed by two years as Chair and two years as Past Chair
    • Year 1: Assistant to the Chair
    • Year 2: Assistant to the Chair

If you are interested in running or would like to nominate someone, please contact Dr. Patsy Cooper, EC-CD Senior Member-at-Large, and Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at Queens College, CUNY.  Her email address is:

We ask that you secure permission before forwarding names other than your own.  Nominees will be required to submit a brief bio and a statement as to their interest in joining the EE-CD Executive Board.