The Early Education and Child Development Special Interest Group (SIG) of the American Educational Research Association (AERA) is committed to advancing knowledge about early education and child development, and to encouraging scholarly inquiry that has implications for theory, policy and practice related to early education and development in the diverse contexts serving children from birth to age eight. 


Message from SIG Chair


Welcome to the Early Education/Child Development SIG of AERA! Our defined interests comprise research on theory, practice, and policies related to early childhood education and child development. Our membership includes college and university professors, researchers and administrators working in federal-, state-, and privately-funded organizations, policy makers, teacher educators, and graduate students from a variety of scholarly disciplines. Our shared focus is the lives, well-being, and education of young children, their families, and the professionals who work with and for them.

The SIG currently has over 410 members, making it among the largest within AERA. During the Annual Meeting the SIG offers a wide variety of symposia, papers, posters, and round tables, as well as opportunities for networking with colleagues from all over the world. Between conferences we communicate with members via our listserv and with this website and our newsletter.

AERA uses a formula involving the number of member and proposal submissions to determine the number of sessions our EE/CD SIG sponsors at the annual conference. We want to continue to make early childhood research a vital part of the annual AERA program and a vibrant resource for your scholarly endeavors.  In this endeavor, we need you to please remember to renew your membership each year and consider submitting your proposal to the SIG. We have been able to offer an increasing number of well-received sessions on a variety of early education and child development topics.

Our listserv and website allow us to get announcements and news out to the membership. Additionally, the members of the Executive Board (see the “About Us” link) and I would really like to hear from you as well. Feel free to contact us with questions, concerns, or ideas. The EE/CD SIG is your SIG, so please watch for and respond to calls for nominations for awards, elections for board members, and invitations to serve on committees and review proposals for the annual program. We have many ways that you can get involved! If you want to be involved but cannot find the right opportunity, send me an email and I will try to connect you. Thank you for your membership and participation in the SIG and for all you do for young children and families!

Marty Lash